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The Process

So how do we do it? Taking your content from its current form to ready-for-IPTV is a rather simple (for us) process with the main steps outlines below. We ensure your content is streamable, searchable, safe, and most importantly sellable. Our solution is entirely modular so content owners are free to add and subtract process steps and features as needed for the greatest cost value and quickest possible implementation time.

Content Infusion – The Newvue Content Infusion System (CIS), a multi-faceted tool set for content ingestion, editing, and metadata tagging will prepare your content for the robust segmentation and searching features provided by our middleware and customer interface.

Encoding – Our development team is always working with new codecs and compression formats so we retain the ability to change your video from its current format to any other you may need.

Encryption and DRM Infusion – Using our own proprietary DRM system, we can keep your content secure yet easily accessible to your end-users. All streams are sent with 128 bit encryption and are only viewable through our secure authentication platform.

Distribution – Newvue leverages Level3’s network infrastructure to deliver HD video through the cloud with no service interruptions and the highest data throughput rates possible.

Billing – Simplify the method of monetizing your content with Newvue’s billing platform. We can accommodate a variety of methods including pre and post pay, VOD, monthly subscriptions, event PPV, pay per minute, and advertising insertion.

Reporting – A highly customizable admin panel and reporting tool will let you know everything you want to know about how your content is consumed so you can maximize your content’s revenue potential.