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Platform Potpourri

IPTV presents an entirely new realm of opportunity to content owners and distributors. No longer forced to rely on distribution from service providers with unfavorable terms and conditions, IPTV allows your content to reach any viewer with an Internet connection and a television set. Millions of new eyeballs are waiting for your content, how are you going to be seen by them?

Between cable company apps, TVs rolling off the assembly line with the Internet built in, connected gaming consoles, web enabled Blu-Ray players, 3rd party software, and set top boxes, the IPTV ecosystem is already highly fragmented. Few companies have the knowledge and resources to both pick the right platforms and then build for them. Newvue does because this is what we do every day.

Working with Newvue will give you the expertise in choosing the best platforms to place your content, creating an engaging user experience that can be transferred across screens, and the best ways to monetize your content for the creation of brand new revenue streams.

Newvue has successfully launched applications on numerous platforms and is always adding more ways for content owners to drive new revenue through IPTV and OTT applications.

We Don't Make Apps, We Make Channels

Apps are wonderful tools and the openness of the various app ecosystems has provided a wealth of opportunities for content providers and developers. However, a true IPTV solution requires so much more than an app that provides little in functionality beyond an RSS feed of your latest content.

Content owners looking to be successful in this space need full-fledged channels that integrate simple and pleasing GUIs, a content organizational structure that makes both live and archived content easily found and viewed, reporting that provides true insight in to what is being watched, a billing system that is as easy for consumers to use as it is for content owners to manage, and security that ensures the content served does not wind up on sharing sites immediately after being served.

With the entire GUI taking advantage of Over The Top (OTT) technology we can deliver 30 f/s animated menu transitions and sub 100ms response time that gets users where they want to go quicker than traditional cable and satellite systems.

Newvue GUI

The Newvue GUI is fully customizable to match your branding and maximize your content organizational structure.