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IPTV Integration

Through our expertise in application and channel development we have worked with a wide variety of IPTV platforms, vendors, and partners. As such we have gained a unique insight in to the steps needed to be taken for an effective IPTV service implementation, and we are happy to share that insight with others. If you are currently investigating some level of IPTV products and services and unsure of how to execute, Newvue can help.

Newvue’s consulting and integration services can benefit any organization looking to reap the benefits of an IPTV implementation, but we specialize in engaging with governments and public sector organizations the world over to help show them the vast array of benefits to be gained by using the advanced communication methods provided by IPTV technology.

Departments of Education have realized how much there is to be gained by having schools utilize IPTV delivery to make sure that children throughout their land receive the highest quality teaching and ensure minimum standards. Both the military and their families stationed outside their home deserve high quality entertainment and easy communication with family members they’re not close to. Many different departments need more cost effective and standardized training across disperse locations, there are endless ways to utilize IPTV technology to increase both government operations and service delivery to the populace. Newvue helps these public sector organizations make the best choices for their project analysis, vendor selection, and service implementation.

Newvue’s expertise can help you and your team make the best decisions for your IPTV project by providing assistance concerning:

  • Head ends
  • CDN
  • Encoders
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Middleware
  • DRM and Security
  • Usage & Benefits
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Service Delivery Performace & Improvements
  • Content Archiving & Meta-Data Infusion
  • Multi-Screen Delivery

If you are interested in learning about how IPTV technology can benefit your organization, contact us today to discuss your project’s specific needs.