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Newvue is a pioneering technology company that has developed a breakthrough end-to-end IPTV platform and the best of breed OTT channel format. Our patent pending solutions allow anyone to access HD Internet video on their television, computer, or mobile device. Here at Newvue we can manage every stream for every screen.

Since 2008 the Newvue IPTV solution has been applied to both service providers and content owners.

For service providers (cable and satellite, telco, ISPs, etc.) we offer a turnkey platform and individualized services that allow them to offer new lines of content and services to their customer base. Now that consumers have seemingly unending choices in how they access and consume content, service providers have recognized the opportunity provided by IPTV technologies and are working with Newvue to best take advantage of them. Using our platform service providers can deliver more content with higher quality, quicker remote response times, brand new services and revenue streams, and extend their reach beyond the living room.

The Newvue platform has many other applications as well; hospitality in-room entertainment, digital signage for advertising and promotion, distance learning and training for educational institutions and the public sector, and so much more.

Content owners work with Newvue to develop the ability to reach new audiences and find new ways to monetize their existing properties through OTT channel development for various IPTV platforms. Understanding that video is no longer the sole realm of the TV set, we construct these channels with a true multiscreen experience in mind and make sure that wherever consumers access their content, their experience is both easy and enjoyable.

Headquartered in our brand new LEED certified offices in Miami, FL with facilities in Dallas, Ecuador, and Poland, Newvue is positioned at the forefront of the emerging IPTV market with the technology, know-how, and backing to be a global leader. We are firm believers that IPTV and OTT services will fundamentally change the way people interact with video content whether at home, at work, on the phone, or on the road, and we plan on leading that change.